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The Evil Eye curse is amongst a Greek superstition and is the oldest and most widely believed myths. According to superstition, a glance of the Evil Eye is believed to have the ability to cause illness, injury or death on those to whom it falls. Belief in the Evil Eye curse is ancient and occurred in Greece and Rome and can be found to be believed in other Middle Eastern countries. The Evil Eye curse has persisted throughout the world into modern times. It is said to be known as acute jealousy or coveting of others.

To ward off this Evil Eye curse, several things can be done. You can wear a charm of the Evil Eye, hang it in your car, home or office. Some pin them on their babies as well, to keep them safe from envy and harm. People can sometimes be envious of someone and not always in a good way!!

The Blue in the Evil Eye (Baskania) is said to mirror back the thoughts that can bring envy or harm to someone. And as it mirrors back these thoughts the person who was thinking them is the one whom the harm will fall upon. As you see the Eye stares back at the world to ward off evil keeping you safe.

They say in Greece it is the woman/mother in the family who has the power/cure to remove such a misfortune/jealousy/curse. This tradition is said to be passed down from mother to daughter in the family and is taught on how to remove the Evil eye cast. Also a priest can remove this spell.

You see the Evil Eye is more than a good luck charm. It is a power to protect. You can find Evil Eye charms at various places. Below is a site I find has some very nice quality ones. But please remember when receiving an Evil Eye charm make sure the giver has pure intent of your best interest at heart.

A loved one is always best to receive such a gift from. It can also be believed when receiving this gift if you ever are to depart loved ones you should return the charm to the giver. This is something I find not to be taken lightly.

It is known that if your Evil Eye Charm ever cracks, it said to have taken over very strong Evil that would of harmed you.

I personally am Greek, and this is one of my strong beliefs that have been passed down thru the generations.

Evil Eye Pendants


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