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CH Blumoon Ready-Aim-Fire! - "Remington"

Sire: BISS CH. D'Arlene American Idol
Dam: CH. Blumoon Playing My Cards

OFA Patellas Normal
Post Bile Acid: 1.0

Pedigree of CH. Blumoon Ready-Aim-Fire!






GCHB CH D'arleen American Idol

CH Charkara Tiffntell Sweet Talkin Guy

AM/CAN CH Shoalcreek Will He Be The One

CAN CH Shoalcreek's Easy Rider

BISS AM BIS CAN CH Durrer's E Z Does It

Blue Chym At Shoalcreek

Kirkstan's Risky Review

CAN CH Everdear's Risk Taker

Lady Odessa

Tiffntell Covergirl

CH Oriane-elan Wouldbe King

Orlane-elan Bravo

Orlane-elan Heckle

Tiffntells Supergirl

CH Tiff N Tell Dream Catcher

Raccos Blue Petunia

CH D'arleen She Drives Me Crazy

Charkara Chip-ahoy

CH Charkara Mr Mister

CH Tiff N Tell Dream Catcher

Charkara Leapen Lena

Charkara Polly Ann

Sterling Mos Excellent

Charkara Silk Bunny

Charkara's Hylda Who Who

CH Charkara Mighty Adam

CH Tiff N Tell Dream Catcher

Charkara Arizona Daisey

Charkara Leapen Lena

CH Charkara's Silk Cash

CH Charkara Kayla Girl

CH Blumoon Playing My Cards!

CH Blumoon Playing For Keeps!

BISS CH Scruffy's Playboy Image ROM

CH Images Play It Again ROM

CH Firacres Worth Repeating

CH Images Pardon My Arrogance

Scrufy's Kill Joy

AM/MEX/INT CH Scruffy's If Looks Could Kill ROM

Scruffy's Bewitch'n Luv-n-stuff

CH Blumoon Struttin' To The Music!

CH Goldenray Struttin' In Style

BUL/FIN/RUS INT CH De Majodian Free Style (fin)

CH Goldenray Zodiac Flame

CH Blumoon Reality Check

CH Blumoon's Hugga-bunch

CH Blumoon Critic's Choice

CH Blumoon Let The Bluchips Ride

CH Blumoon He's So Hot

CH Dejavu Thru Jessie's Eyes

CH This Time Portfolio

Dejavu The Blink Of N' Eye

CH Blumoon Limited Selection

CH Durrer's Regal Selection

CH Tiara's Limited Edition

Mikenda Krystiblu Persuasion

CH Diamond T's Thunder Boomer

CH Tiffany's Storm Warning ROM

CH Diamond T's Texas Two Step ROM

Ga-shire's Mikenda's Polonaise

CH Peppertree Bet Your Boots

CH Apogee Overjoyed


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